The Joys of Handcrafted Soap – Part 1: Your Handknits

I’ve been tossing this idea around for weeks.  How do I inform my blog friends about how great handcrafted soap is without boring you, without spending an hour on a huge post, yet giving you info that is useful in a short concise blurb. Here’s my solution.  I’m going to tell you a bit at a time, like a soap opera, get it? 

For my first installment I’m going to speak to you knitters out there, and since I myself am I knitter I think I can understand you fairly well.  One of my first questions when I finally finished my first knitting project was “How do I wash it?”  fortunately I had already been making soap for awhile and so I tried my soap on my woolen knits and I was shocked at how well it worked.  It leaves the FO soft and clean.  If you have soft water you’ll have even better results.  I use it on acrylics also but the reason it works well on wool is that it’s moisturizing properties moisturizes the wool fibers to leave them soft, yet not greasy.  Wool fibers are animal hairs, similiar to our skin.  The oils in the soap are nourishing for the fibers, just as they are for our skin. 

For small objects I handwash in the sink, soaking a bit first in soapy water.  For larger things like sweaters I add some water to washing maching, add some soap, either by making lather with my hands or grating a bit of a bar over the water and mixing it around, then soaking awhile.  Then about 30 minutes later I come back to actually wash it and let washer spin out, refill to rinse and spin out and done to dry on a towel or flat drying rack made for sweaters. 

You won’t believe the difference the soap makes in your knits, and it smells great too.  It’s also economical, more so than speciality woolen washes (which are detergents and do not put any moisturizers in your knits.)  Soaps also work better at getting out organic matter in your clothing, such as blood, grass, dirt, food, etc.  I use handcrafted soap as a stain stick for all my laundry.  There’s hardly a stain I cannot remove if I do it the same day.

Handcrafted soaps and soap from the store shelf are NOT the same.  You won’t get the same results, probably not even close.  These days HC soaps can be found fairly easily.  ebay, farmer’s markets, local speciality gift shops, and my website, Mississippi Moon Natural Soap Co at  Try it – you’ll be amazed.


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