Aliens Ate My Mother’s Brain

I heard on the radio the other day on a national news broadcast that officials in Chicago  say many people in the area reported UFO sightings in November.  That’s only about 3 hours from here.  How cool is that?  According to the story, one sighting came from a reputable source.  I’m assuming that to be a pilot, air traffic personnel, law enforcement, or etc.  I am anxiously awaiting more info to come out about this.  If I truly cared I could google it.  But the waiting is half the fun.

 On to my mother story… stopped by the parent’s place today to drop off some lasagna and homemade bread, mostly just because I’m nice and no one eats leftovers fast enough in my house.  I was browsing the local morning newspaper and was shocked to see my mother’s aunt’s obituary (who lives in Vegas).  I said, “Looks like Aunt Velma died!”  Mom says, “I forgot to tell you?”  I said, “did you call anyone?”  She said, “No.”  Then how would I know? My mother has always had her own way of doing things and often appears scattered. My brother used to joke that when they gave out brains my mother thought they said ‘eggs’ and said, “I’ll take mine scrambled.” 

Granted, Aunt Velma lived hundreds of miles away, had been in a care center for many months and had completely lost her mind.  But I was utterly annoyed that I had to read it in the paper.  That’s how the communication is in my family.  I joke that if one of my parents pass I hope I don’t read it in the paper first.  Mom hates to make phone calls, cannot remember whom she’s told what, and Dad refuses to pick up the slack since he figures it’s her family so it’s her responsibility.  It’s absolutely annoying.  My mother’s sister is just as bad.  Many years ago I was 9 months pregnant and my cousin visiting from Chicago said, “I didn’t know you were even expecting until now.”  Pathetic.  I find myself being the family messenger because I don’t want others to get the info the crummy way I do.  Then I’m pissed because it totally isn’t my job.  Somewhere along the line my mother and her sister stopped caring about passing on the news.  Or perhaps aliens did indeed eat their brains.

So today my thoughts are with my distant relatives in Vegas who are dealing with the arrangements of my sweet aunt.  I’ll always remember her bringing me silver dollars when she came to visit, drinking endless cups of coffee and cackling with my grandmother.  She was a hoot and loved to give everyone a hard time.  I’m hope I’m half as spunky when I’m 94! 


One thought on “Aliens Ate My Mother’s Brain

  1. So sorry about your Aunt – it’s good that you have such great memories of her! And as far as the new’s not traveling – families are strange, aren’t they – in mine, nothing is sacred. I just wish there was a middle ground somewhere!

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