Icy Eye Candy

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I have no idea how I got these photos to post.  It’s just one of those good days.  Yipee!

We had a heinous storm on Sunday night which left a ton of ice and a dusting of snow.  I was dreading work today but thoroughly enjoyed the drive.  The trees look like they’re made of glass.  The photos don’t do it justice.  It’s unbelievable.  Almost made my Monday morning without electricity worth the suffering we endured, but not quite.  We truly take it for granted.  Try not using electricity for just one hour.  I dare you.

In other very exciting news…I had a knitting epiphany last night after I posted my whinefest. I realized that I’d been making a stitch (increasing) when I’m really just supposed to be just knitting.  The instructions do say “inc”, but I took that to mean make a stitch where there isn’t one, what she means is knit one more than the previous row.  That is so misleading!  That, combined with my not always remembering the ‘k 1’ or ‘p1’ at the end of the rows (which I didn’t know I was doing), created the monster that was eating me alive.  Since I was doing two things wrong I couldn’t isolate the problem.  I tried my new idea at work today and lo and behold, it worked like a dream.  I am so proud of my 22 stitches I could bust.  I want to frame them.  Now, there’s the issue of the first sock already being complete with a fudged heel, and this one is correct.  Hmmmm.  Do I take out these perfect stitches and fudge them so they’ll match the other sock?  No way.  They won’t be a perfect match, but they’ll both fit.  The best part, I feel so liberated!  I can just knit along now, no annoying decreases after I finish the heel turn.  I have been so consumed by this for the past four days.   I’m free!  I’m free!


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