Superbowl and Bad Knitting

I knew it wasn’t going to be good when a guy showed up at church yesterday wearing an earwarmer with the Chicago Bears logo on it and continued to wear it throughout the service. I think he jinxed it for the entire country of Bears fans.  The Bears fans were just a bit too confident.  DH just called to remind me that the last time the Bears won the Superbowl we were fifteen years old. Thanks, honey. I feel really old now.   I am totally not a sports fan.  In fact, I love to root for the other team.  I was hoping the Bears would blow it.  I was actually hoping for a huge player (gang) fight in the middle of the game.  One player was on special privileges from probation because of all his weapons charges.  Give me a break.   And what’s with everyone knocking the Prince show (isn’t he still ‘the artist formerly known as Prince?’ I didn’t hear anyone say that last night.  Whatever happened to that?  I was trying hard to explain that to my 11 yr. old during the show and he said, “That is so dumb.”  Amen.  Then five year old Missy Moodle plops down and says, “Is that a boy or a girl?” Tee hee.)  I thought the show was a zillion times better than the Stones show last year and really wish everyone would clam up with the negativity about him.  There’s really an anti-The Artist Formally Known As Prince undercurrent in our country. I think many people can’t get past his appearance.  Whatever.  How cool was that he played Purple Rain in the rain?  That so rocked.  I admit the dancers sucked and I wished they’d slip on the wet stage and fall with a spikey heel in their foreheads, and I was most glad when he ditched his aunt jamima doo-rag.  He has great hair and the doo-rag bugged me.  But the show was too short and the crummy game returned.

What really made the game horrible was my knitting.  As a favor to a friend I agreed  yesterday to knit a hat for her daughter.  She gave he horrid Yarn Bee boucle’ yarn from hobby lobby (generic Bernat soft boucle’).  I wrestled with it throughout the entire game and ended up frogging it and restarting.  The gauge isn’t what the label says at all.  The yarn catches on my rings and skin and is just icky.  Worst of all, when the hat is done it will suck and it won’t be my fault and I have to give it to her and act like it’s okay.  Why did I agree to do this?  The woman said, “I will pay you to knit it.”  I said “No, but your daughter gets a free knitting lesson from me as my payment.”  God help me if she asks me to knit anything else ever again. 

I got sad news yesterday that an old schoolmate was killed in an plane crash.  Although we weren’t friends, I dated one of his good friends for a bit and we had band together.  Though I hadn’t seen him since high school, I remember him as a genuinely good guy with a hilarious sense of humor.   I’m so sad for his wife and three kids who were waiting for him at the airport.   The thing that is bothering me the most is that he probably said goodbye that morning to his wife just as my DH did this morning.   It’s true we should live every day to the fullest and remember to tie up loose ends with relationships.  Life is short and unpredictable.

Then again, it’s been zero degrees for about six months here and the burdens of life seem never ending.  Most times when I see obituaries of those I knew my final thought is, “Lucky bastard.”


One thought on “Superbowl and Bad Knitting

  1. Oh, he went back to “Prince” a few years ago. I missed the show, I was in transit from my Superbowl of Spinning party and then watched part of the game with my brother via instant messenger. I’m not a sports fan, but he is and he was thoroughly disgusted by how crappy the game was. I’m sorry to hear about your old schoolmate. Even if you weren’t close, it’s sad and it makes you ponder your own mortality when people your are suddenly gone.

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