Mini Vacay

I tend to procrastinate vacations. I know it makes no sense, but I hate change and I hate planning trips and spending money, so I put it all off until the last few weeks of summer and then I freak out and throw a weekend trip together before the kids head back to school. This one was one of the best. When the kids were little I had a hard time imagining what it would be like traveling with them as teenagers. What could be more fun that five and seven year olds bickering in the backseat for three or four hours? Well, as it turns out, teenagers are incredibly fun and I think this is my favorite age. Now they are 20, 18, and 15 and there are no temper tantrums, no throwing up in the car, no whining, nagging, or begging. And since I breastfed half of my adult life it seems, I have to say that I was not leaning over any carseats to nurse on the trip. (What happens on vacation, stays on vacation!)

Since Oldesst Kidlet is working at an internship near Omaha, we decided to drive to meet him and spend a day in the city. We went to the zoo, downtown, and hit the touristy high points. It was a super fast weekend, but we loved Omaha and could see why the settlers decided to put down roots instead of continuing to head west in their covered wagons. My favorite sight was the bridge named Bob. It’s a huge pedestrian bridge that connects Iowa and Nebraska. It’s hugely popular among locals, so there are people walking, biking, and running across the bridge.  We ate sushi at a place downtown.  They served it in a huge boat loaded with beautiful sushi rolls. We were so grumpy and tired from the zoo that we didn’t even complain about having no ice in our glasses. (Is that a Japanese thing or did they just run out of ice?) Missy Moodle lost her sushi cherry that day.  She was less than impressed.  Well, two kids out of three love it, so that’ll have to do. At 15 her tastebuds are still developing.  She only recently discovered how amazing pickles are.  She’s got time to learn to appreciate sushi. Besides the sushi milestone, the trip was important for other reasons as well.

This is the first trip that The Fella has been on with me and all three kids.  The divorce from their dad was a year and a half ago.  They know him pretty well and like him, but he and I were both a bit nervous about it and wanted it to go well.  It went off without a hitch and everyone had a great time.  Sometimes in life you just have to take a chance, plan for the worst and hope for the best. You can quote me on that.


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