Destiny or Just Trash?

After leaving my marriage of eighteen years and moving to a rental house with my twelve  year old daughter and fifteen year old son, I was utterly taken aback by the quiet of being alone at night when they were gone to their dad’s or off with friends.  I cried the first few nights alone in the house.  It felt wrong being there, like I had run away from my old life and I’d be alone forever. I was in unchartered territory.  I felt completely lost.  Then, one day my son found this ratty old golf ball in the woods behind our rental house.  At first we all joked at the quirky find.  One of the previous renters or one of the neighbors was practicing their swing towards the woods.  Then my son turned the ball around and we gasped.  It had my initials on it.  From that moment on I felt I belonged here.  I don’t believe much in coincidences.  I think that the universe speaks to us and it’s our job to listen.  Well,the universe definitely got my attention.  I eventually adjusted to my new life and I am truly content.  I no longer cry at night. I am in heaven having two closets and an entire bed to myself and I can stay up until 3 am knitting if I fancy and no one says, “Aren’t you coming to bed?” But there are days when things are difficult (like the day I found a bat in my washing machine and the week of Christmas when the heat went out).  I have to look no further than this ball in my kitchen window to remind me of how far I’ve come and that I belong here.  Listen to the universe.  It has a lot to say.


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