Peace and Quiet, and a Little Spoiling

I have three kids and a husband.  I am reminded of that daily by their sounds, needs, and sometimes affection (but mostly their sounds and needs).  Two kids and husband left this morning for an adventure with Boy Scouts.  Missy Moodle couldn’t be happier to have all the testosterone removed from the house.  And I can’t say that I blame her.  Most times I am her favorite person and she always asking to do special things together.  I always make efforts at this, but often she has to wait because of her siblings and dad.  So I told her we’re having girly week.  We started the day by having breakfast together, her choice.  We played a new board game together, enjoyed the quiet a lot, talked about how we don’t miss the boys yet, went to her favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch, bought some new nail polish and shoes, went to see the Harry Potter movie (awesome!), and then picked up a friend to come over to play. And this is only day one!  I think we’d better slow down or we’ll burn out!

The most amazing thing about the boys leaving is the different feeling in the house.  No stress, so many less interruptions, and it’s more quality time.  It’s completely not reality, and I’ll be ready for the craziness to resume when the boys come home, but for now it feels like a dream for both of us.  I think it’s always good for a child to get a glimpse of what it would be like to be an only child.  And of couse a little spoiling is a good thing too. Each child is a gift and although the days pass slowly sometimes (summertime, when I’m home with them!), the years are a blur.  I need reminding sometimes to slow down and make some special memories with them.

What I’ll be missing this week is a bit of time for myself.  The boys often watch Missy Moodle (at nine she can stay home for short periods alone, but mostly the boys are with her when I run an errand alone).  I know she’ll spend time at friends’ houses for playdates this week and I’m sure there will be some time for me, but it will be few and far between I suspect.

I dunno about you, but this blasting hot summer we’ve had has put a real crimp in my knitting life.  It’s just too damned hot to knit.  Even in the cool A/C I don’t want to touch yarn.  Either I’m dying of some anti-knitting brain disease or it’s just too hot.  I choose the latter.  It’s a rare occasion that I find it too uncomfortable to knit.  I hope it cools down soon.  I’m dying to make real progress on this:

Flyaway Vest from SkeinCocaine (bought at

I had hoped to get it done soon before I go back to work for the semester. I actually had hoped to be wearing it back to work, but I guess I’ll be working on it during my breaks instead.  Anyway, it’s lovely and it’s supposed to be a quick, easy knit so I’m sure I’ll cruise right along. I got the Simply Socks newsletter via email in May and this yarn was the May project.  I bought the yarn and got pattern free.  I chose the yarn from the photo, (Dream Baby), hand dyed Lettuce.  It’s yummy.  I’ll post some progress photos if I ever make any.  In the meantime, stay cool and post a comment, please.  I feel like I’m on Mars here.


Money Makers

made from a kit











coral and glass












glass beads










I ended this year like I have begun the year – with unfinished projects, high hopes, and dollar signs in my eyes.  Although I have to admit, I have become much more realistic about my abilities and my time constraints.  I usually discover some great thing and try to produce many of them to sell and then get in over my head.  These bracelets are a perfect example.  I bought a kit at Stitches Midwest  in August and made it within two days.  Then I realized, “Hey!  I could sell these for big bucks and wouldn’t that be cool?”  I had visions of selling them at a boutique and cranking out several a month.  About this time I blabbed about it and posted a photo on Facebook and almost instantly had someone order two for $60 apiece.  They are made from anti-tarnish sterling wire (pricey!) and the store owner who sold me the kit told me they sell them to boutiques for $80.  What he didn’t tell me was that although the type of wire in the kit is easy to work with, it also breaks after wearing the bracelet a few times. So I got smart.  I bought heftier wire and made the red one in the first photo.  It hurt my hands to knit, took forever, and made me wish I had never started it.  I trudged along and finally finished it, and began the coral bracelet.  It’s to the point now where it only needs the final clasp, but I have put it in time out.  I have had it with the wire and beads.  What the hell was I thinking?

I distinctly remember my thought process.  It went like this:  I have this knitting talent.  I have a great deal of down time at my job and home in which to knit.  I know how to make socks, hats, scarves, sweaters, and anything else imaginable if I have a general pattern to work with. There has got to be a way to get a steady income stream from this talent.  Okay, so bracelets isn’t it.  At least not with this wire.  I’m considering wire baskets now.  Small, decorative wire baskets with beads.  Hmmm.  I wonder how many I could make in a month?

Knit funk

I have been here before. I recognize that lost, lonely, uncomfortable feeling of Knitter’s Nowhere. That place where my knitting calls to me from my bag and I ignore it for days. I have a perfectly good reason. It’s the stupid, no good pattern’s fault. I was happily knitting away until something went horribly wrong and I had to rip back not once, but twice. So there, I said it. I can’t figure out the damn pattern and therefore the knitting is in time out. Serving time for a crime it really didn’t commit. I hope it has a good lawyer, because I have witnesses.

Hubby’s Socks



These were knit with Opal Mississippi color 5082, #1 needles.  Very happy with them.  Okay, I lied, it’s an ‘it’.  I’m still working on the second sock.  Oh how I wish I could knit one sock and then POOF, the second one is magically done at the same time.  I need to perfect that.

What I learned from these socks that is above all else:  I can knit my hubby a pair of socks from one skein of Opal and have a smidge, and I do mean smidge, left for mending.  That is so good to know.  I always thought he’d take two skeins for his size 12 feet.  Whew!!

Have fallen head over heel for the Nancy Bush Knitting Vintage Socks book. Had to order it. I really like how her patterns are written and of course, that I was able to knit it without making mistakes helps too.  I know that the pattern got lost in the pattern, so to speak, but hey, it was an experiment with both the yarn and the pattern.  Seems like I’m doing a lot of that lately.  Oh, the hair…you want to know?  I’m peachy.  No oil, just dandy.  I’m to the place I wanted to be, and the hair color setback really didn’t set me back at all.

But I did tell a woman at work about the experiment, big mistake. I’ll probably have to hear about it daily now.  Why didn’t I keep my mouth shut?    Some people just don’t get the natural thing.  If using shampoo doesn’t hurt you, and it’s available, then why not do it, is their attitude.  Why not find out what natural truly is, I say.  Just because we live differently than our ancestors did, doesn’t mean we’re truly living better.

Yarn Candy


Apparently, as usual, I arrived late to the party…this time about Trekking #126, Brach’s Candy.  It’s absolutely the most fabulous sock yarn I’ve ever seen.   But like I said, I was the last to know about it,  It arrived in my mailbox yesterday. (Yarn in my mailbox is just the lovliest thing.  It’s one of those things in life that just makes me feel like a kid again, which is ridiculous since I ordered it and know exactly what it is.  Crazy.)  So I instantly began balling it into two separate hand wound balls, my own weird method that allows me to knit two socks at once.  I am so ready to jump in and begin these socks, but am thinking I ought to pause and choose a pattern carefully, instead of knitting my standard purl rib from Sensational Socks, which I love to bits and makes the best fitting socks for my skinny feet.   Ravelry has lovely examples of what to do with this yarn, but the challenge is to not interfere with the pattern of the self striping yarn.  Hmmm.  What to do?  Knitting has taught me much patience through the past 6 years, but at times like this I feel like I haven’t learned a thing.  Maybe I’ll just knit the cuffs while I’m searching for the perfect pattern.

giftable baby socks


these socks are a mini version of the four stitch sock patt from sensational socks book by charlene schurch, my favorite sock book ever.

I used opal yarn, forgot the colorway, and #1 needles.  Took me a weekend to knit them, off and on, of course.  Baby socks are fun to knit!

“Don’t you know you can buy those at WALMART?”